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Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles vegan christmas truffles christmas recipes vegan desserts  vegan dessert Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles

Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles

The filling is very delicate and fine and creamy, with a slight “milky” and nice sweet. The perfect complement to this is the wrapping with very fine bittersweet chocolate with high cocoa content (I had 70%), divine. Also, that the wrapper is a bit crunchy and the filling a little softer – great combination. Great, Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles.

Ingredients for 16 truffles

50 g white vegan chocolate (eg rice milk from bonvita)
25 g oat cream
25 g of coconut oil
50 g rice milk chocolate (or other vegan “milk” chocolate)
15 g block chocolate (or bittersweet chocolate with 50% cocoa)
100 g dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content (normal chocolate, no couverture)


Coarsely chop the white chocolate, the vegan “milk” chocolate and the block chocolate and melt gently together with the oat cream and coconut fat in a water bath. Stir constantly until everything has dissolved and combined to a homogeneous mass.

Put the truffle mixture in a container (a bowl, a small bowl, a Tupper box or similar) and let it cool down in a cool place for one to two hours and let it solidify.

The truffle mass is firm, but still easy to shape. Divide with a teaspoon portions of the mass and roll with your hands to small balls. This is a bit sticky, as the truffle mass melts a bit due to the body heat, so work quickly – it is not important that the balls are even or otherwise perfect, since they are still coated with chocolate and you will not notice irregularities later.

Put the balls on a plate with some distance and put them cool again for about an hour.

Melt the bittersweet chocolate in a water bath. Spread the baking paper on a flat surface, pour the chocolate all at once into the center of the baking paper (do not spread, etc., just pour in the middle!) And place the truffle balls in a circle around the chocolate. Here and in the next steps work very quickly, because the chocolate quickly gets stuck and then you can not roll the balls in it!

Roll the balls one at a time through the chocolate and then immediately roll back to the edge, one ball at a time. Once all balls are rolled through, start all over again and roll each ball through the chocolate again – both the chocolate in the middle and around the balls has already become firmer, so you can roll rather hard, this will preserve the Balls the typical structure.

The truffle chocolates on the edge can be completely solid, possibly give again in the fridge and enjoy.

Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles vegan christmas truffles christmas recipes vegan desserts  vegan dessert Vegan Christmas Chocolate Truffles

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