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Christmas Vegan Black Forest Cake christmas recipes vegan desserts  dessert Christmas Vegan Black Forest Cake christmas dessert

Christmas Vegan Black Forest Cake

Almost undisputed queen of the most popular classic pies is the Black Forest cake. Even if you or your visit is now eating vegan, you should not have to do without it. In fact, it is a particularly successful baking recipe and the dough is wonderfully airy.


For the dough

700 g of flour
325 g of sugar
30 g baking cocoa
1 pinch (s) of salt
2 packets of vanilla sugar
3 teaspoons of baking powder
630 ml of mineral water
150 ml rapeseed oil
For the filling
350 g of cherries from the glass
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons cornstarch
400 ml vegan, whipped cream
1 packet of cream stabilizer
8 tablespoons of kirsch
vegan bittersweet chocolate
Special accessories


Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Line baking tin with baking paper.
Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, baking cocoa and baking powder well for the dough. Stir in oil and mineral water. Pour the pastry into the baking tin and bake in a hot oven for about 30 minutes. Use the stick sample to test if the dough is cooked through. If the wooden stick comes clean again from the dough, take Springform out of the oven. Loosen cake from the mold and allow to cool.

For the filling, drain the cherries through a sieve and collect the juice. Set aside a few tablespoons and stir with cornflour. Boil remaining cherry juice with sugar. Dissolve dissolved cornflour with the whisk under the hot juice and bring to a boil. Add cherries and let cool. Set the most beautiful cherries for the decoration aside.
Divide cake nests twice horizontally. Beat cream with cream stiff.

Use a tablespoon to spread half of the cherry water on the bottom floor. Put 1/4 of the cream in a spout and spray a high cream on the ground. Distribute cherries within the ring and place second bottom. Press lightly and soak with remaining kirsch. Brush with half of the remaining cream. Put on third floor.

Spread the remaining cream on the cake. For the Naked Cake look, peel off the cream on the edge so that the bottoms shine through. With the remaining cream in the spritzule, dab the cake and spread the cherries. Scrape chocolate chips from the chocolate with a peeler and distribute them on the cake. Refrigerate until served.

Christmas Vegan Black Forest Cake christmas recipes vegan desserts  dessert Christmas Vegan Black Forest Cake christmas dessert

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