Thai red curry for several variations

Depending on your mood, this basic recipe can be varied by varying the meat (eg chicken breast, turkey breast, pork loin or pork fillet) or with fish fillet or prawns and with different vegetables (eg bamboo shoots in strips, soybean seedlings, carrots, baby corn, mangetout , Thai aubergines, pak choi oa) lead to ever new enjoyment experience. Let your creativity take over your mind and body! It is also suitable for vegetarians, because you can also prepare it exclusively with many different vegetables.

The dish does not have to be prepared in wok, it works just as well in a wide pot, because it has “soup character”.

Sauté the curry paste in the hot oil, briefly deglaze with a little water, gradually add the coconut milk and always stir well before adding more (brings a very nice red color). Cut the intended meat (fish or shrimp) into bite-sized pieces, add and simmer for about 5 minutes until it is cooked. Shrimp only need a very short time!

Add the shredded vegetables of choice (no matter which and how many varieties) and bring everything to a boil again. Everything should remain firm and retain the color (Pak Choi or Chinese cabbage to add just before the end).

Season with the fish sauce, the light soy sauce and the palm sugar. Add Thai basil leaves and hot peppers, cook for a minute. At will and sharpness sensation sprinkle the chopped chilli rolls.

The dish is served hot with rice (basmati, jasmine rice or Thai fragrant rice), as a variation you can also try red rice from the Asian shop.

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